Findings and short facts
:: STR-VA333ES also uses a different remote control signal for volume control. (VA333ES, EP9ES, E1000ESD and E80ES all have different signals!)
:: CDP-X779ES really is superb. X339ES sounds great but X779 performs better. An upgrade is reasonable!
:: ST-S770ES and ST-S707ES are identical except for the Control S connectors the 770 has for remote controlling.
The newer 707 has also an IR sensor and can store 10 more stations.
:: TA-N80ES is known for its heating issues, putting (or integrating into a shelve) one or two PC fans can cool it down very well .
Keep in mind that by cooling you may affect working parameters which can lead to a different sound experience.
:: TA-N80ES can switch between the two inputs (fixed, variable) easy and without distortance.
:: STR-VA333ES's preouts sound surprisingly good. I admit, I was sceptic but after thorough testing it replaced the SDP-EP9ES.
It performs brilliantly, even digital inputs provides excellent results!
:: "Quick start" mode on the BDP-S5000ES can cause warm casing. You can turn it off in the menus.
:: LFE analog output from the S5000ES may contain some frequencies which can make the bass harder. Setting the crossover on the subwoofer helps!
:: CD players X339ES, X559ES, X779ES, X303ES, X505ES, X707ES are using the same laser units KSS-272A which are not available any more!
:: CDP-X339ES reads all CD formats but is very sensitive to scratched or damaged surfaces which can result in sound distortion.